INSPIRE  Your Kids to Make a Difference

Giving Artfully Kids is a  monthly program that engages children to make an impact through craft-themed kindness projects.



With the Giving Artfully Kids Program, Each Month You'll Receive:

Crafting-Based Service Projects

A digital step-by-step crafting-based service project bundle that includes materials list, discussion questions, tips and project beneficiaries geared for children ages 3-12.

Pillar of Giving Activities

Simple activities in addition to the crafting project to help continue the kindness activities and conversations throughout the month

Community and Live Support

Private community and bi-monthly live Q&A for members to ask questions, share ideas, and provide tips and suggestions .

Are You Ready to Build Generation Kindness?

What to Expect When You Become Part of the Giving Artfully Kids Program:

  • Step-by-step crafting based service projects that help engage and inspire children to make a difference
  • Simple, hands-on kindness activities that complement our crafting projects that will help inspire kids to think of others
  • Guidance in engaging your child in conversations about the importance of kindness and compassion for others
  • Accountability to spend time with your child each month focusing on helping others and being kind
  • Engaging kids and ourselves to be more aware of our own actions
  • Support and encouragement from the Giving Artfully Kids Team
  • Building the foundation where spreading kindness and helping others because part of your everyday routine!

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"Instilling the value of kindness at a young age is crucial to create compassion and hope for our children's future. I am honored to be an instructor on the Giving Artfully Kids team. Many students have told me that they LOVE coming to the Giving Artfully classes. They are enthusiastic about each project, excited to create, to learn, and—most importantly—to help others. "

Instructor and Parent

"Giving Artfully epitomizes this concept, my daughter has learned how her time and effort can positively change the lives of others. Also, in doing various projects and learning about who they are helping and how their actions make a difference, she has fun!"


"Your most recent creation of the gift's a great lesson for the kids to be able to put their faith in action and actually do something on their level for somebody else which they know will be greatly appreciated."


"Giving Artfully is a great program! It teaches school age children the art of giving; an art that maybe only makes its appearance on holidays or birthdays. This program also teaches children about the need in their own community; it makes them more aware of things happening outside their own home and how they can do their part to help. As a teacher for Giving Artfully I am amazed when I witness the creativity that giving inspires. Children can be great givers, we just need to guide them and provide them with the tools necessary to give."

Parent & Instructor

Hi!  I'm Sitinee...

Wife, Mom & Social Entrepreneur

I never thought I would be running my own business, but when I discovered the impact in inspiring children to help others, I knew I had to expand my program to reach more people.

I have been fortunate that my community embraced the program and now I want to share with you the projects and ways to bring Giving Artfully Kids program to your community so we can continue to build the foundation for a lifetime of giving by Building Generation Kindness.

Sitinee and Giving Artfully Kids Has Been Featured In:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Giving Artfully Kids Program for?

The Giving Artfully Kids Program is designed for families, schools, and church ministries that would like to engage in a kindness and giving projects.  

  • One crafting-based service project per month that will be electronically delivered for children ages 3-12.
  • Book and video suggestions as well as kindness and giving activities to complement the crafting-based service projects.
  • Affiliate links to purchase materials and books so you don't have to leave your home

What is the cost for the Giving Artfully Kids Program?

The program is $17 per month. 

How are the crafting-based service projects delivered?
After joining the Giving Artfully Kids Program, you will have access to our site that hosts our crafting based service learning projects, pillar of giving activities and bonuses.

I can find projects like these for free online, why would I join the Giving Artfully Kids Program?

Our goal is to take the research and planning off your plate so you can focus on engaging your children in giving and kindness projects.

The projects on our website are also the same crafts we use in our own classes, so they have been kid-tested and teacher approved.

For our crafts and book suggestions, we provide affiliate links so you can easily purchase the materials online without needing to leave your home.

We also work closely with our partnering organizations to ensure donated items are to the exact specifications needed.

We also offer a private community as well as bi-monthly live Q&A calls for members of the Giving Artfully Kids program to share tips, advice and suggestions. 

 I still have more questions, who can I contact?
Please email us at with any additional questions you may have about our program.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees? 
If after 7 days, you do not like the materials you receive, you can email us at and we can provide you a refund.

Are You Ready to Build Generation Kindness?

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You can check everything out 100% risk free because you are completely protected by my 100% 7-day money back guarantee.  

If you don’t love what you’ve learned and if it hasn’t been helpful for you, than all you have to do is let us know that the Giving Artfully Kids isn’t right for you for ANY reason and we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. And no hoops to jump through, either. It’s really as simple as that!



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